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Sumaq Valley Alpacas is located in the beautiful Okanagan Valley in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada, and is home to over 50 top quality alpacas. Our #1 goal is to improve on the quality of our herd with each generation.

We offer ARI and CLAA registered huacayas and CLAA registered suri alpacas. Our aim is to breed excellent quality Canadian alpacas from Peruvian, Chilean, and Bolivian bloodlines. To produce high quality alpacas, a very selective breeding program is necessary. Originally, outside breedings made up approximately 80% of our yearly breedings which enabled us to take advantage of many of Canada's top males. We now have six outstanding huacaya males (including three recently imported males from the US) we use on our females and three suri males.  With each breeding, we carefully match each female to the best suited male to produce alpacas of outstanding quality. Even though we began in the industry with double registered huacayas, we now have exceptional single registered huacayas and suris.   

We focus our attention on breeding alpacas with superior fibre and excellent conformation. To increase fibre value, we breed for fineness, density, and staple length. By breeding conformationally correct animals, including beyond what meets the eye, we are enhancing the alpacas ability to survive and reproduce with ease. We believe in as little human intervention as possible.


We offer breeding services (huacaya & suri) breeding stock, fibre animals, boarding, raw fibre, end products, training, and shearing and grooming. We offer hands on alpaca information showing you what to look for in top quality alpacas. Our alpacas are priced according to quality. The quality of each alpacas is determined by factors such as histograms, shows, and parentage. We believe that by setting reasonable prices on our animals, we are helping our clients succeed at their alpaca business. We are always available to answer questions regarding nutrition, animal care, breeding, and alpaca farming in general including LGD's. With our continued involvement with alpaca events such as seminars, workshops, and shows, we can provide you with up to date information regarding the alpaca industry.


We are members of Alpaca Canada, CLAA, and ARI.

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