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Selective Breeding
Our breeding decisions of today will determine the future of the alpaca industry and each breeding decision we make is carefully considered. We believe that the only way to improve the quality of our offspring is by breeding our best females to exceptional, proven males. By doing so, we can achieve maximum gains with each generation and, increase genetic diversity on our farm.
We know that the future of the alpaca industry will focus on the elite and the spectacular fleece they produce. The future is in our hands and in turn, the males we choose. The herd at Sumaq Valley Alpacas represents the following bloodlines:
  Jolimont Peruvian Viracocha, Pperuvian Javier, Peruvian Pistachio (son of Ppperuvian El Moustachio), Snowmass Braveheart (son of Peruvian Hemingway), Jolimont Peruvian Alpamayo, Jolimont Peruvian Ivano, Peruvian Captain Nemo (son of Ppperuvian Auzengate), High Plains Amadeus (son of Jolimont Peruvian Pauco), Fibre Works Diamonte (son of NGG Lionel), Victor’s Vaccoyo (son of Peruvian Victor), High Plains Stealin’ Thunder, Strider of the Shire (son of FDA Paladin), Jolimont Peruvian Sweet William (son of Sculptor), Redwing (son of Bolivian Black Magic), PCA Palomino (son of Pperuvian Camilio), and Peruvian Peralta.    

This year, we will also be adding the following bloodlines to our herd:

  BBC 29 Mojo, NGG Lionel (son of Peruvian Bueno), Chocolate Overload (son of Acero Marka’s Alfonso), RFA D’arcy (son of Coyo Destini), and Peruvian Condor (son of Ppperuvian Caligula).    

To be a herdsire at Sumaq Valley Alpacas, the male must meet certain criteria. These alpacas must represent the best in terms of fibre, conformation, phenotype, and genotype. When selecting young, potential herdsire, we have no offspring with which to judge them by so we partially rely on the opinions of judges in the show ring. We also continue to have fibre tested as males age. The ultimate test for any herdsire, however, is in the quality of the offspring.

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