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Alpaca Management
Alpacas need to be shorn once a year. We shear towards the end of April once the temperature starts to warm up. Our shearer, Dave Carlson, brings his own shearing table every year so we have never had to purchase our own table. It is also a good idea to have some extra help while shearing as Dave works quickly and it is important to keep fibre somewhat sorted. For example, the blanket (prime fleece) gets rolled up in paper so that it can be sorted or skirted for shows easier. We also have separate bags for each animals for the neck, the hips, and the bib, belly, and legs. While the alpacas are restrained for shearing, we also trim toenails and check the fighting teeth on the males.

Routine shots will vary from region to region. At our farm, we give Vitamin A&D shots four times per year, we worm every animal four times per year, and every alpaca is vaccinated every February. Quite often, we will give crias an extra Vitamin shot as well, to help them along. Each time we do shots during the year, we check toenails as well and for some reason, the white alpaca’s toenails tend to grow much faster than the coloured animals. It is also a good idea to either weigh or body score at least four times a year to make sure everybody is healthy. With all their fleece, it can be hard to tell if someone is losing weight.

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